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Winning souls, changing lives, restoring families, reducing crime, saving tax payers money is what the Good News of Jesus Christ does when He is introduced into peoples lives. The new Get-Ten Program makes this all possible.

Yes, I want to participate in the Get-Ten Program

We are asking at least 200 of our Inmate Encounter family members and volunteers to get just ten people to give $10 a month on an ongoing basis to support our evangelism programs in prisons.  Just $10 per month from ten of your church, friends and family members.  Anyone can afford that

Thanks in advance for your monthly support.


If you are going to participate in the Get-Ten program request the 10 Brochures
       10 Donation Cards to ask others to help share the Gospel and
       1 Summary Card to help to keep count of your ten contributors below:

Request your package now.

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Everyone who gets ten to contribute $10 each month, will receive a free Inmate Encounter hat and t-shirt.

To give by check click here


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