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Inmate Encounter participants experience the saving grace of our Lord as they lead people to Jesus for the very first time in their lives. Jesus said “You shall be a witness unto me," Follow me and I will make you fishers of men,” “Go ye therefore…” He was speaking to ALL believers.

But there's more to the Encounter: Each person who has learned to use this tried and proven method of sharing God's love with this Evangelism Tract continue to share with others they encounter everyday. These events on a weekend, from the training on Thursday evening, to the person-to-person encounters of the men and women on the following days, prepare them to fulfill the Great Commission: by introducing Jesus where ever they go for the rest of their lives. They not only are prepared for prison ministry but they are prepared for life!

School of Evangelism Topics

New Video
How To Effectively Use the
What Do You Think?" Tract.

New Video
Prison Ministry
Do's and Don'ts.

The Impact of Entertainment in Prisons.

Resources for Building Faith

Daily Words of Faith & encouragement
by Bob Williamson

Weekly Inspirational Insights
for building Character
by Domenic & Charlie Fusco.

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Renew Your Mind on Inspirational Quote Videos

Beautiful video and quotes by the greatest achievers in human history.

It's All About Building Character


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