Inmate Encounter – a participation of ministries united to share the saving grace of Jesus Christ with incarcerated men and women throughout Florida - is the hands-on, one-on-one effort of evangelistic warriors “taking it to the streets” to deliver defeat to the devil and spiritual freedom to those held in the grip of sin’s destruction.

How does this all work?
Outside the walls of prisons and jails, Inmate Encounter participants are trained to become soul-winners for Christ. Using time-tested techniques, printed materials, and videos as guidelines for their upcoming encounters with inmates, each team can confidently approach the Encounter event knowing that they have the guidance and support of seasoned prison ministers on hand, and that all events have been organized for optimum results and in compliance with prison authorities. Armed with their Inmate Encounter training, each participant has the opportunity to share their personal testimony and the “good news” of the new life awaiting everyone who places their faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. For many, an Inmate Encounter weekend will be their first time to experience the joy of leading others to Christ

Benefits Beyond the Inmate Encounter Weekend.
Having been trained by some of the most successful prison ministers of our time, and having arguably witnessed to some of the most hardened opponents of the faith, an Inmate Encounter alumni is well-prepared to strengthen their home church or ministry’s evangelistic team and to win disciples to Christ wherever they go. Just one Inmate Encounter… from the training on Thursday evening, to the person-to-person encounters with men and women on the following days… prepares participants not just for effective prison ministry, but for a lifetime of fulfilling the great commission to the glory of God around the globe!


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